A new artwork by Rasheed Araeen


Food for thought: thought for change

Shamiyaana is a new project by Rasheed Araeen, who has transformed a restaurant into an artwork. People can visit it not only to see his art, but to meet their friends as well as strangers, get together with a glass of wine and eat simple but nourishing, tasty food. Shamiyaana is not just a restaurant but a communal space, where people can meet to share ideas, discuss and exchange their own views.

Upcoming Events

We will not be hosting our Art Parties for the time being due to the Government advice regarding public gatherings. Please stay healthy and take care of each other. Further announcements will be made as the situation develops. Thank You. Peter Fillingham - Shamiyaana

‘Art must lead a double life… on one hand it is a conceptual artwork but, on the other, its material form must become independent of whether it is a work of art or not. Only when it can escape from being merely an art concept or form can it avoid its reification, and only then can it continue to maintain its transformative function within the productive force of everyday life. 

…art’s function as a liberating force is dependent not only on its becoming something other than art, but also maintaining its identity as a specific material as well as a symbolic practice.’

                                              Rasheed Araeen