A new artwork by Rasheed Araeen


Food for thought: thought for change

The aim of Shamiyaana is to offer an engaging immersive environment, where encounters might lead to discussion, resolutions and actions. The sharing of food and drink brings participants together equally. Shamiyaana will be holding events that bring together disparate members of the art community from London and beyond: cross-disciplinary educational events, a regular art club - open to artists, art administrators, art historians, curators, teachers - and supper clubs where you can encounter new acquaintances over food and conversation. Shamiyaana is also available for people wishing to organise their own events.

Private Events

So far, most of the private events at Shamiyaana have been focused upon artistic and educational interests. We have also hosted a party for Grosvenor Gallery during Frieze london. However, the Shamiyaana space is for all groups of colleagues, co-workers and friends from all walks of life and disciplines.
We can provide a bespoke menu to suit your tastes and budget so please call us with any ideas and enquiries and we can plan everything together with you. If you would like to discuss booking Shamiyaana for your event please email bookings@shamiyaana.com